Sunday, January 12, 2014

Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail

This book is an empowering and emotional read. Cheryl Strayed's feat of hiking almost the entire Pacific Crest Trail is one hell of an accomplishment as is her heartfelt retelling of her experience. At the age of twenty-six Cheryl had already suffered a tough life. Her mother had died four years prior and she divorced the love of her life months prior due to her infidelity. In need of a serious change and some soul searching, Cheryl decides to devote three months to hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, despite the fact that she has no backpacking or survival skills experience.

Her memoir is a beautiful recounting of the struggles she faced, the inner turmoil at the loss of her mother and failure of her marriage, the friends she met along the way, the sights she saw, and the strengthening of her body and soul.

While Cheryl might not have been the type of person I ever would have hung out with, I absolutely admire her spunk and relentless drive forward. It's a fast and encouraging read.

For fans of outdoorsy books, soul searching, and memoirs.

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