Friday, January 31, 2014

Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride

This year I have the honor of being in TWO weddings! I have some very lucky lady friends and am delighted in helping them plan their dream weddings. One of my favorite parts of being a bridesmaid is planning the bachelorette party. Nothing says I love you like getting your best friends inebriated and covered in plastic penises :)

However, these two ladies are what you would call, classy, as in way classier than me, and have requested penis free bachelorette parties (no fun, I know, but I aim to please). Although they are months away (May and November) I figured I had better get a move on. My pinterest boards are coming along nicely and I'm starting to look at party favors. So far the online winners appear to be and

Both bachelorette parties have different themes (one is nautical and the other is ladies night out at the casino) so I have to acquire different types of gifts. Thankfully the bachelorette superstore has everything I need in one place. They have all the naughty funny gifts that I wish I could buy (penis candy, handcuffs, etc.) as well as classy gifts that I'll actually be able to use (martini glasses, drink charms, etc.). And for once it's actually affordable!

I plan on making little kits for all the ladies in attendance at each party and now I know where I'll be getting the party favors to fill the kits from! Stay tuned and I'll post the pictures in a few months!

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