Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Everyday Confetti

I'm not going to lie this was a pretty adorable book. I initially thought that there were just recipes in here, but there is soo soo much more. There are lots of ideas on how to celebrate the little things in life and start new traditions.

This book is mainly for Christian families (i.e. mothers and grandmothers) but never fear there is something for everyone in here. Someday far in the future when I have kids I would love to implement some of the "family traditions" she outlines (scavenger hunts on Christmas, random acts of kindness, half birthday celebrations, etc).

The recipes included also sound delightful. I really want to try out the Christmas Pistachio-Cherry Muffins, Eggnog Stuffed French Toast and Creamy Gratin of Winter Root Vegetables. They all sound so good! Each section has three or four recipes (there's probably around 50 in the book, maybe more).

Like I said this isn't just a cookbook. It's a guide for bringing families closer together and closer to God through traditions, religion, and good cooking.

I received this book for free from Revell Books in return for my honest unbiased opinion.

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