Friday, January 3, 2014


Finally, a sci-fi novel that's actually fantastic!! I first read this bad boy in sixth grade and re-reading it WASN'T a disappointment, it was actually even better than I remembered it!

I will admit the first 100 pages can be kind of tiring and hard to get through, but once everything starts to click you can't put the book down. It gets so wildly imaginative and exciting that you can't stop turning the pages!

If you aren't at all familiar with the book, here's a quick run down:
Duke Leto Atriedes and his family (Lady Jessica and son Paul) have been sent to Arrakis (the desert planet) to govern and increase the Spice flow (the most valuable commodity in the universe, found only in the deserts of Arrakis). An ancient legend, sandworms thousands of feet long, "witches," noble houses fighting, and the fall of House Atriedes are just some of the many things that follow.

Trust me, this is a must read. Also, both movie versions are great (the one with Sting is a classic!).

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