Friday, January 17, 2014

A Long Way Down

I wanted so hard to like this book. It was quirky, humorous, and inventive, but I truly, utterly hated the characters. Yes I sympathized with them on occasion, but at the end of the day... I still didn't care about them!

The whole premise of this book is that four completely opposite and radically different people all ran into each other on top of Topper House as they attempted to off themselves on New Year's Eve. Each of these four individuals had different reasons for wanting to jump off the roof and end their miserable lives. Over the course of the night they discover why they're each so ready to die and decide to hold off on the suiciding until Valentine's Day where they can re-evaluate if they're ready to leave this world or not. 

There is Martin, a fresh out of jail former newscaster, who had an affair with a fifteen year old and lost his wife and daughters in the process. Little old Maureen, a devout Christian who can no longer bear the thought of never going anywhere and only caring for her severely disabled son who is little more than a vegetable. JJ, a down and out musician who just broke up with his band and his girlfriend. And finally Jess, a punk ass little eighteen year old who is always in trouble and takes it out on everyone around her.

This diverse group decide that if they can hold off on jumping to their death for one night and find something to live for then maybe there is still something to look forward to after all. The story is broken into short sections each narrated by a different character.

It was unique, I'll give it that. But like I said, I couldn't relate with any of the characters. They were almost too flawed for me. Which is, I guess, the point.

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