Thursday, January 30, 2014

Whistling Past the Graveyard

This book was adorable!! If you are a fan of "The Help" or "The Secret Life of Bees" then this is the book for you!!! Susan Crandall vividly brings to life the most remarkable, yet relate-able characters I've read in a long while.

Set in 1963 Mississippi, young, naive Starla runs away from her strict grandmother and heads to Nashville to reconnect with her mother whom she hasn't seen since she was young. Daddy's off working on an oil rig so Starla is set on finding and living with her momma, a famous singer by the name of Lulu.

Starla doesn't think through her runaway plan and is soon rescued from the sweltering heat by Eula, a nice black woman who is caring for a white baby. Together the three of them go on a journey that will radically change their lives and make them stronger than they ever thought possible.

The story is beautifully told through Starla's eyes and really helps illustrate the "separate but equal" unjustices that were plaguing the south. Starla comes to understand how unfair and unequal things are by traveling with Eula and her perception of the world is forever altered.

It's a beautiful story! I highly recommend!

For fans of historical fiction and southern literature.

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