Tuesday, January 28, 2014


So... I initially picked up this book so I could stare at Joe Manganiello's amazingly ripped body. The full paged glossy photos of Joe shirtless had me hooked! But I will admit.. I actually found myself reading this! And it was fantastic!

Even though it is a workout book and lifestyle guide it reads really well. Not only does Joe have a great body and a killer acting career, he's a talented writer as well! He has a very no nonsense guide to changing your life, one workout and meal at a time. The biggest thing he stresses is the mental aspect. You can't give it your hardest, because that implies your body has a limit, you have to go way past that to achieve great results. Mental blocks are the biggest obstacle that you have to overcome. Once you can break past that barrier you can implement this heavy duty routine and dietary change to transform into a beast!

The first part of the book is a little bit of Joe's personal journey to becoming the king of fitness, then he follows it with a lot of motivation, then he launches into changing your diet, and a starting guide to weight lifting. At the end of the book he breaks down each move so that starting gym rats can learn techniques and even bona fida muscle men can perfect or improve theirs.

Overall, a fantastic book (not just for the crazy sexy photos) and I most definitely plan on buying my own copy!

PS it's not really geared toward women (which is understandable) but it can be easily adapted to meet the needs of novice female body builders.

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