Thursday, March 25, 2021

Virgin River

This contemporary romance was a little saucier than I imagined, but that honestly improved things. Mel is a nurse and midwife who is escaping painful memories and traumatic hospital injuries. She decides that she needs a slower change of pace so she signs up to be a small town midwife in the middle of nowhere, Virgin River. Little does she know that there is a LOT more to small town living than she thought. When she arrives in town she is so distraught over her falling down cabin and the crochety doctor she is supposed to work with that she almost runs right back to the city. But when a newborn baby is dropped off at the clinic she has to stay to make sure that everything turns out alright. It doesn't help that the local bar owner is a charming hunk either. And despite her initial misgivings - Virgin River starts to grow on her. Sappy, predictable, and everything turns out alright. This was okay enough that I'll check out the show. 

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