Thursday, March 11, 2021

The Lost for Words Bookshop

Based on the cover of the book - I pictured in my head an entirely different novel - and that is why you never judge a book by it's cover. I thought this book would be cute, quirky, and fun. It was... to an extent - there was also some really deep emotional elements that I wasn't expecting. Loveday Cardew works at the Lost for Words Bookshop; it's her safe space and refuge and she's worked there since she was 16. Books are safer than people - her only real friend and family is Archie, the owner of the book shop. Readers learn pretty early on that Loveday came from a foster home - but finding out what happened to her family takes the whole book. There are flashbacks to when she was 9 living with her real family to when she was in her early twenties dating a college student to the present. Loveday is essentially a hermit but slowly she starts to open up more. She goes to a poetry night, she laughs at jokes, she goes on a date. Maybe it's never to late to change? Cute, heartbreaking, and sentimental. 

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