Monday, March 8, 2021

Dolly Parton, Songteller

Discover the rich history behind over 150 Dolly Parton songs in this wonderfully compiled book of history, quotes, interviews, photos, and more. Dolly Parton is an American icon and this book pays wonderful tribute to her over sixty years of songwriting and singing. Told through Dolly's own voice (transcribed interviews and quotes), fans will delight in getting the back story to many of their favorite and forgotten gems. From Jolene to I Will Always Love You to The Coat of Many Colors - Dolly discusses the inspiration behind the story in each song. Dolly may not be a traditional storyteller - but she prides herself on being a lifelong song teller. As a bonus, the audiobook version is completely narrated by Dolly and is an absolute joy to listen to. This collection is a must for fans of Dolly and for those interested in country music history. 

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