Monday, March 29, 2021

Finding Freedom

I love a good chef's memoir. I won't lie - before reading this book I had never heard of the Lost Kitchen or of Erin French - but you better believe that as soon as I finished reading this I went online to look for photos and videos. It is such a powerful story - Erin went to hell and back to make her dream come true. Growing up in her father's diner, Erin realized at an early age she loved to cook. At first Erin was desperate to leave the small town of Freedom, Maine and go to the city - but later,  twenty one and pregnant, she was right back where she started - sweating in a diner. She eventually overcame that hurdle and finally moved out of her parents and was able to work at a bistro and a catering job and while there she met a man. Fast forward to a marriage, an adoption, and an illegal supper club - things seemed to be improving - but in fact everything was about to come to a head in the worst way possible. I won't give too much away - but what Erin was able to overcome and achieve is damned impressive and inspiring. The way she writes about her hopes, dreams, cooking, parenthood, and more is wonderful. This memoir is lyrical, hopeful, and resilient. I will definitely be reading more about Erin and her restaurant. 

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