Tuesday, March 30, 2021

An Amish Cookie Club Christmas

Sarah Price could write a phone book and I would read it. Listening to her Amish stories are always a joy. Edna's holiday season is jam packed - she makes and serves meals to tourists in her house and she is overbooked. She needs helps desperately. When she voices her concerns to her friends at her cookie club they come up with a plan to help her; what they don't realize is that their solution may have other unintended affects. Bethany is a shy and painfully quiet girl who doesn't even like to leave the house. When her mother forces her to go into town to get supplies after breaking her ankle, Bethany quite literally runs into a charming young man. The young man happens to be Edna's son and before you know it - the cookie club is up to their scheming ways. Can they match these two young couples? Great narration on the audiobook - that's for sure and certain. 

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