Friday, March 5, 2021

The Third Wife

This is relationship fiction mixed with dashes of suspense and mystery. For a story about a dead wife- there was certainly a lot happening. Adrian Wolfe is a man always looking for the next best thing. He left behind wife number one and their two kids - for wife number two and three more kids - and left her for wife number three, Maya. She was young and beautiful and then one evening she got too drunk and fell in front of a bus. Now widowed and grief stricken, Adrian doesn't know what to do. He's never been alone in his life and to say that he's overwhelmed is an understatement. He had a good life, they were happy... or where they? As time progresses upsetting facts about Maya's life begin to emerge - was her death an accident after all? Were any of Adrian's ex-wives or children involved? And what's with the young, beautiful blond who seems to be stalking his family? Twisting and turning - this novel is lush with prose. Adrian's big, blended family is larger than life and a true work of art. A unique character driven novel with suspenseful moments and shocking twists. 

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