Saturday, April 18, 2020


Part small town Texas drama part super hero drama; Whammy weaves together two stories to create a humorous, adventure mystery. Klive Anderson is a man of simple pleasures. He likes coffee, good sleep, his easy steady employment working in a Texas oilfield, and writing superhero stories in his journal. His roommate on the other hand is a the complete opposite. Stacey Karlisle owns the town's only coffee shop, but really it's just a front for her dope business. Differences aside they get on real good and can easily waste an evening watching Clint Eastwood movies together. Living in small town there isn't much drama to speak of but when one of Klive's coworkers is killed in a work accident, things begin to go off kilter for for him. He's unsettled and takes to writing more about villains and superheroes in his journal. When Stacey picks up his notebook one day she gets drawn into his story. Little does she know just how drawn in she's about to be. Off the wall, laugh out loud funny, and unique; Whammy is a zany western/comic adventure fantasy that readers won't soon forget about.

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