Friday, April 24, 2020

The Rider from Lost Creek

I can finally say that I've read a Louis L'Amour book! This wasn't a bad western, but I haven't read too much in the genre to compare it to. This standalone follows Lance Kilkenny as he comes into town to hep a friend out. He's known as the fastest gunmen in the west, but most don't even know what he looks like because he never stays in any place long. He discovers that his friend Mort Davis needs help securing a waterhole from two wealthy cattleman who are claiming it as their own. As the bodies start piling up, it appears that a full on range war is about to engulf the whole territory, if only Kilkenny could keep his mind on work and his thoughts off the local saloon owner.Fast paced and quick, there is a small mystery that gives resolved in the end and lots of gunfights and stolen kisses from pretty women. Forgettable but fun.

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