Wednesday, April 1, 2020

The Things We Do for Love

Saddened by their inability to have children, a couple gets divorced. Angie moves back to her family's hometown to help out with the family restaurant and get her mind off things. She discovers that the family business isn't doing too hot since her father died 6 months prior and she decides to put her marketing and advertising skills to use while her two older sisters work in the kitchen with their mother. One of the first changes she makes is hiring another waitress, much younger than the old and slow one they have now. She offers the job to Lauren. A high school senior from the bad part of town that has her eyes set on getting a full ride to college and making something of her life. Angie quickly becomes like a mother to Lauren taking her under her win. Then the unthinkable happens and Angie must decides if her heart can handle what's about to happen. Is she done running and is she ready to take a chance? Heartfelt and moving. Chick lit at it's finest.

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