Friday, April 3, 2020

Magic Hour

Well written, but the plot was a little implausible to me. I went into this blind without reading the summary so I had no idea what I was getting into. Basically a small town sheriff from the outskirts of the Olympic National Forest discovers a small feral child holding a wolf pup. The girl hides, growls, bites, and doesn't know how to speak. Ellie is out of her depth so she calls her famous psychologist sister to come out and help work with this kid. They're trying to get her identified and find her family, because this kid has gone through so much trauma and needs all the help she can get. The sisters find themselves drawing closer to each other and find themselves head over heels over this mysterious wolf girl. Emotional, filled with small town gossip, budding relationships, family drama, and a quest for justice.

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  1. I agree the premise is improbable, but I agree it was still a really good story. The characterization of small town America rings true.