Saturday, April 11, 2020


I honesty don't think I was n the right mindset to take on this historical nonfiction narrative. It took me longer to finish then I would have liked. I didn't actually read what this was about and I just assumed it was all about the Revolutionary War. Which in essence it is, but like the title suggests (stupid me), this book is about the year 1776 only and about all the trials, tribulations, and setbacks that the Continental army dealt with in the first year of the war. By all accounts, the rag tag, undisciplined, untrained, and under-equipped army should have lost from the onset, but with a vivacious leader like General George Washington and the grit of some, they were able to get the American public on their side (slowly) after suffering many retreats and defeats in the beginning. Told in a narrative way, this story is engaging; but very overwhelming with names, places, and other "mundane" aspects of war. I learned a lot of neat tid-bits that never came up in class; but overall this is an exhaustive read and one I was not much in the mood for even though it was well-researched and written.

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