Monday, April 27, 2020

Legends of Lust

Hubba hubba! This is my second read by Autumn Bardot (I read Confessions of a Sheba Queen a few months ago) and I was NOT disappointed! I'm a relative newbie when it comes to erotica but I have always adored short stories and myths so this collection was gold for me! Bardot spins lusty tales out of many classic myths that readers know and love as well as introducing many tales that were new to me. From Africa to Japan to India to Egpyt to Ireland to America and more; there is something for everyone! Every tale is steamy, seductive, and deliciously naughty. In one story a faerie demands a toll from virgins passing through his woods; but what happens when he falls for one of the maidens? In another an Amazon goddess falls for a mortal man who knows how to do magical things to her body. In yet another one, the Native American trickster god, Kokopelli, seduces and impregnates young willing women while showing them a thing or two about pleasure. Each story is better than the next. A marvelous collection!

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