Thursday, April 30, 2020


Wow - this is definitely an unforgettable middle grade adventure set in the wilds of Siberia outside of a Soviet prison camp. Combining Russian folklore, history, adventure, and friendship; this unique story is instantly compelling.  Twelve year old Lina was born in a Soviet prison camp. Her mother, her uncle, and her grandfather had been sent to live in the camp when her grandfather told "fairy tales" (forbidden) and criticized the great leader. Leaving in the camp is the only thing Lina has ever known. For years she was the only child until a boy her age was sent to the camp. Together along with some  prison old timers they devise a plan to escape and try to get to Lina's grandmother who lives in Moscow. Almost immediately everything goes wrong. Ghost wolves, giant falcons, and shadow people are suddenly very real and more frightening then the prison guards ever were. Will Lina and Bogdan survive?  Can she do some magic of her own? Lovely, magical, and compelling. Great for readers of all ages!

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