Wednesday, June 2, 2021

When He Was Wicked

So far my least favorite of the series - and not for the romantic lead either! For once it was a Bridgerton I was annoyed with. Francesca was such a bore in this one. I got her behavior at first but after it continued to drag out I found myself wishing she would get Malaria as well. Just be with the guy you're having amazing sex with - what is so hard to grasp?! Francesca's husband died suddenly after only two years of wedded bliss. She and Michael (his best friend, cousin, and heir to the title) try to cope with the hole in their life. For Michael it is extra hard because he has coveted Francesca for so long. From the moment he laid eyes on her he wanted her - but would never act on it (even though he is a rake) because he loved and respected John too much. With John out of the picture it's suddenly too much to handle. Will they or won't they? This book spans years so readers have plenty of time to figure it out. 

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