Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Dial A for Aunties

Over the top and ridiculous, yet I loved every second of this book. I couldn't put it down! Meddelin Chan accidentally murders someone, a ridiculously wealthy hotel owner who is hosting the wedding that she and her family are putting on the following day. In a panic she turns to her mother and her three aunts. What can they do? In a series of ever growing mishaps, the aunties try to help dispose of the body while still preparing for the over the top wedding. Makup, photography,  To make matters worse, Meddelin runs into the former love of her life, the man she dumped so she could stay by her family and not disappoint them like all their sons and husbands did (did I mention there is a family curse?!). Meddy has a body to dispose of, a wedding to photograph, a former flame to avoid, and her mother and aunts who can't stop bickering. Laugh out loud funny, charming, and witty. It may have been over the top but readers will eat this up. What a fun and crazy family. 

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