Monday, June 14, 2021

Fallen Thief

A fantastic follow up to Hidden Scales! I'm not sure if this will be a trilogy or a series, but either way I'm invested in this middle grade fantasy! Mira, Kay, and Peter have returned home to Crispin. Things are pretty much back to normal except for the fact that they still feel guilty about their friends trapped in the everlock sleep. Determined to try and do something, the kids stumble upon the identity of the leader of the Shadowveils, the merrows who will stop at nothing to make sure that all their kind is underwater, away from the prying eyes of humans. When their mother's study and half their house is mysteriously burnt down, it stands to reason that trouble has followed them back. Many of the townspeople are accepting of the two young merrows but there are still some that don't appreciate anything different or out of the ordinary and they will stop at nothing to get them kicked out of town. Mira, Kay, and Peter don't have time to dwell on the bullies however, they've tracked down some clues and discovered some new powers and nothing will stop them from fighting back or saving their friends. Action packed and filled with great world building. This series just keeps getting better! 

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