Monday, June 7, 2021

A Lady in Attendance


Hazel is looking for a fresh start after serving five years in a reformatory. She paid for a crime she didn't commit and as such has lost the warm embrace of her parents, siblings, and friends, and must make a new life for herself where no one  knows her past. She miraculously finds lodging in a boarding house and work as a lady in attendance for a local dentist. Gilbert is a quiet, hardworking man and he's looking for someone to help him in the office. They quickly fall into a routine and become fast friends. But what if there is more than friendship at stake? How will Gilbert react when h discovers the truth behind Hazel's shameful past? The entire cast of characters is delightful and I really enjoyed the slow burn romance between Hazel and Gilbert as well as Ina and Duncan (their friends). A clean, enjoyable read that shows the power of faith, friendship, and redemption. 

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