Wednesday, June 9, 2021

The Knockout

Fast paced and kick ass - The Knockout is about an Indian American teen training to compete in the US Muay Thai Open while dealing with a father in failing health, friend issues, and boy troubles. Kareena Thakkar has a lot on her plate and the only thing keeping her level headed is Muay Thai. She revels in the training and clear mindedness she gets when she is in the ring. She's thrilled to have been invited to the US Open but at the same time, so stressed because her family is slowly drowning in medical debt and she doesn't want to burden her parents anymore. Kareena is a tough girl, but sometimes the toughest thing to do is know when to ask for help. She's got her best friend, Lily and Amit, the boy she's been tutoring - but how much can they really help? And is she even Indian enough for Amit? Kareena has a tough relationship with her local Indian community as they haven't been accepting of her mother or the tough sport she plays. A great read for teens that touches on a myriad of issues!

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