Friday, May 28, 2021

To Sir Phillip, With Love

I was so curious to read Elouise's love story because she is such a fiercely independent woman and I couldn't imagine who she would end up. Her romance is as improbable and unconventional as I anticipated - she becomes pen pals with a man she's never met (she wrote him a condolence letter after the death of his wife who happened to be her cousin) and he proposes marriage. At first she is annoyed and flabbergasted but when her best friend and fellow spinster, Penelope, gets married - she's feeling very alone. She decides to sneak away to meet him and see if he's the marrying sort. What Sir Phillip neglected to tell her was that he had two rambunctious twins who can't manage to stay out of trouble. He's looking for a new mother for them rather than a wife - but maybe they'll find there could be more to the relationship. 

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