Wednesday, January 20, 2016

My Life on the Road

Very few books have the power to awaken you, or make you think about aspects of your life differently but that is exactly what this book did for me. It was an honest to goodness eye opener. Before reading this I am ashamed to admit that all I knew about Gloria Steinem was that she was an outspoken feminist, I had just never paid attention. I had also never paid all that much attention to feminism; I agree that women should be equal but I never stopped to consider in all the ways that we still inequal. I'm a travesty, I have a graduate degree and I just never stopped to consider how my gender is treated.  I mean, I knew it was lopsided but had I ever spoken out against it or taken action? Never. Reading this memoir of Gloria Steinem's travels, encounters, and feminist beliefs really made me aware of how little I've done. This book has definitely motivated to read more of her books, research more, and take action! Steinem talks a lot about organizing and uniting women, it's really motivational. I also got teary eyed when she described her friendships with different Native American women and the hardships they've had to overcome and still have to overcome. It was very moving and very well written. Thank goodness I'm a Harry Potter fanatic. Had it not been for Emma Watson's feminist book club I can honestly say I never would have picked up this book!

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