Friday, January 29, 2016

All the Light We Cannot See

Very rarely does the hype actually live up to itself, but boy did it ever in this tour de force, Pulitizer award winning novel! I wasn't instantly attracted to the dreary cover or even the description, but after enough people goaded me, I finally bit the bullet and read the damn thing. Stars and stones, it was one hell of a read. I was soo enamored that I read this bad boy in less than 24 hours, I couldn't put it down. The lyrical quality of the words kept pulling me back and I was desperate to know how it would all come together. The story follows a young blind, Parisian, Marie-Laure and a young radio-obsessed German, albino, Werner, on the onset of World War II. Throw in a priceless diamond, a missing father, and mysterious science lessons broadcasted over the air and you have yourself one interesting story. Marie-Laure and Werner's lives couldn't be more different but these two kind-hearted souls find themselves drawing closer as the war binds everything together under its dark cloak. It isn't a love story, it's a story of discovery, understanding, and self-awareness. Altogether worthy of all the praise showered on it. An excellent read that will stay with you long after you've closed the last page.

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