Saturday, January 16, 2016


I love this book soo much I wish I could eat it up. Literally. Where was this book when I was a fat socially awkward teenager? As an adult, I related to this book, I can only imagine how much I would have related to this book as a teenager. Willowdean is fat. Not that fat is a bad thing, she just knows what she is and there is no hiding from it. She's confident and loud and she has her best friend Ellen by her side. She is unstoppable. That is until boys get into the mix. Suddenly she becomes self conscious. And it's not like her best friend will understand, she's skinny and perfect, she doesn't have rolls. To honor her recently deceased aunt (another self-professed fat girl) and to prove her peers that fat doesn't have to be ugly she enters the annual Miss Teen Blue Bonnet beauty pageant and inspires some other "ugly" girls to try out as well. They're going to start a revolution on beauty standards and self-confidence!  Willowdean's mother is horrified, she runs the competition and is convinced that her fat daughter is entering as a joke. Her best friend Ellen sticks by her side until Willowdean tells her that she doesn't want her to enter the pageant because she's already beautiful. A huge rift occurs, what's a fat girl to do? Inspiring, laugh out loud funny. A must read for anyone who has ever dealt less than perfect in their own skin.

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