Thursday, January 28, 2016

It Ended Badly

I freaking LOVED this book. I loved it soo much that I actually plan on buying it, which from me is HIGH PRAISE! This book was just what I needed to prepare myself for being single on Valentine's Day again. This book was laugh out loud funny and should be required reading for fans of history, romance, and literature. Author, Jennifer Wright, finds the thirteen worst breakups in history to make you feel better about your love life. From ancient Rome to the 1050's Jennifer has got you covered. Her tone is very conversational, enlightening, and freaking hilarious. I want the author to come over to my house to drink boxed wine and watch BBC shows. She's just that kind of gal, she brings witty humor to some truly awful stories and has a little something for everyone. If you have ever started snickering at happy couples on the street, read about Anna Ivanovna from Russia. If you have just sent your ex a very intense emotional e-mail, read about Caroline Lamb and Lord Byron. If you deserve an apology, read about Norman Mailor and Adele Morales Mailer. Seriously, this book was over the top informative and off the charts funny. From sex dolls, to dressing subjects as chickens and eggs, to stabbing your wife, to claim your a virgin while seven months pregnant, this book tells it all and you need to read it. So far my favorite book of 2016.

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