Monday, January 25, 2016

Dead Beat

Seven books into the series and I have no intention of stopping. The Dresden Files never ceases to amaze me with its complex and intriguing plotlines, badass characters, and truly horrifying bad guys.  It doesn't get any better than this. Harry Dresden highlights different "sidekicks" in all of his adventures, and in Dead Beat his trusty dog, Mouse, and his cowardly coroner friend, Butters, are his main pals. Although to be fair, his newly discovered brother, Thomas, helps out when he cans. Harry's old nemesis, Mauvra the evil vampiress, has tasked him with finding the Word of Kemler otherwise she will turn over his best friend, Karen Murphy, to the police with some incriminating photos. Of course, things aren't that "simple." Harry quickly learns that a bunch of necromancers are in town looking for the same item and to top it all off it's almost Halloween. Things are going to get a whole lot more worse before they get better, but good ol' Harry will muddle his way through it and use his sense of humor as his greatest weapon (not!). Always a good read and impeccably narrated by James Marsters! The best urban fantasy series in town. Not just for boys!

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