Wednesday, January 27, 2016

"Love" excerpted from Constructed of Magic

Luis Alan Swartz has released an ebook just in time for Valentine's Day, it contains excerpts of poetry from his collection, "Constructed of Magic." The poems are are beautiful and timely and the visions of love they invoke make it a perfect read to get your heart in the right place for this upcoming romantic holiday. Coming in at under twenty pages, this ebook is a quick read that will leave the reader feeling happy and wistful for young (or old) love in no time at all. It also makes for an excellent gift for a loved one. To order his book and experience more of his wonderful poetry please click on this link. Below is a sample of one of the poems included in this ebook collection.

     It is being able to utterly astound each other after all these years
with an observation, a perception, or something marvelous said.

     It is the enduring excitement of life shared despite the corporeal
realities of aging human bodies.

     It is the wonder daily experienced together, the spiritual vision
growing keener regardless of the failings of physical perception.

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