Monday, June 1, 2015


This was beyond cheesy, it jumped off the deep end, belly-flopping into the unbelievable. Brooke is convinced by her super cool friends to attend an underground boxing match and while there she encounters, Mr. Man Meat, Remington Tate. From the moment he lays eyes on her he knows he has to have her. So he bullies her into giving him her number, stalks her online, discover she's an athletic trainer, and "hires her" for the next three months. There's lots of sexual tension around them and at first Brooke doesn't care, but the more she watches his rippling muscles in action the more she wants him. He's a hot tempered maniac, and she's a former Olympic has been, match made in heaven. There's a couple of steamy hot sex scenes, but most of the book just talks about how wet Brooke's panties get watching Remington. It's over the top, the sex is super unbelievable, and hell so is the whole premise and romance.

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