Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Awesome

This book spoke to my soul; it was immature, crude, ridiculous, funny, and just damn good. You have have to have a dark irreverent sense of humor to enjoy it (I would assume it might enrage conservative christians for instance), but it might appeal to other audiences as well. It was darkly comedic and open about sexual experiences and was kind of reminiscent of Andrew Smith's "Grasshopper Jungle." The story follows a seventeen year old monster hunter who is apprenticing under her mother. While other kids are out shopping at the mall and listening to the latest pop songs, Maggie is out performing exorcisms, chasing werewolves, and kicking ass. She wants to get promoted but she is unable to do so until she loses her virginity. Vampires can't resist an innocent virgin and will frenzy when they scent pure blood. So until Maggie pops her cherry she can't hunt vampires and be a full fledged monster killer like her mother. What's a girl to do? Seriously, a must read. Sooo freiggin funny.

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