Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Love in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

This debut novel from author, Judd Trichter, is stunning. It's unique take on future robotics and the fascinating world building that seamlessly occurs had me hooked from page one. Eliot Lazar has fallen in love with a bot, a punishable crime, all he can think of is kicking his drug habit and stealing her away to a cult like island community that doesn't frown on bot/heartbeat relationships. The only problem is, his bot lover, Iris, has gone missing. The police have no interest in the case because she isn't his property and she is just a bot, but Eliot won't take no for an answer. He fortifies himself with the drip, a powerful drip, and discovers that Iris has been dismantled and it's up to him to track down all of her parts and hope to God that when he reassembles her, she'll be the same bot that he loves. Epic debut and great read!

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