Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hutterite Diaries

A must read for fans of the "plain lifestyle" and those interested in learning about Hutterite community. While not a cohesive memoir or story, it is still an engaging romp through memories and experiences. Hutterite author, Linda Maendel shares many stories about growing up in her community, values, and family living. Knowing next to nothing about this religion/culture, I thought it was definitely eye opening and not at all what I expected. I think I thought it would be closer to Amish living, but in fact it is quite different. Linda outlines many differences and misconceptions common folk have about their lifestyle as compared to the Amish. A quick, informative read, I was able to complete it within about two hours. I can see this being wildly popular at libraries.

I received this book for free from Litfuse Publicity in return for my honest, unbiased opinion.

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