Wednesday, June 10, 2015

While Mortals Sleep

I love, love, love, Vonnegut. But I didn't love this collection. This short story collection was all formerly unpublished and and this collection was released posthumously. It's easy to see why some of the stories were passed over. They weren't awful, but some of them certainly weren't good. I wonder what Vonnegut would have rated them. A lot of the stories included has his signature twist at the end, ties to Indianapolis, and off the wall humor. Some were quite good in fact, but as a whole, I didn't walk away from this raving about how wonderful it was. Sometimes I feel as if publishers are scraping at the bottom of the barrel trying to capitalize off anything Vonnegut's pen or typewriter touched. Overall, a must read for any true Vonnegut fan, but nothing earth shattering. Not a great introduction to his work if you've never read anything by him before.

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