Monday, June 8, 2015

Don't Try to Find Me

I had a love hate relationship with this book. The story follows alternating viewpoints between a mother and her fourteen year old daughter after she has gone "missing." Marley fed up with her life and the sham of her parent's marriage decides to up and leave much to the surprise and shock of her family. Her parents, her mother especially, never saw it coming. They may not have been a perfect family unit, but Rachel can't see her only child running away. What's the motive, how could she have vanished without a trace? As the story progresses more of the family dynamic is brought to light and it's easy to see why Marley chose to run and why Rachel was able to turn a blind eye towards her daughters behavior. Marley's story is especially frustrating because the place that she fled too is not at all what she envisioned. Kids, NEVER blindly meet someone you met off the internet!! It will not end well!! An interesting read that explores family dynamics, fourteen year old angst, social media, and psychiatry.

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