Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Moonhead and the Music Machine

This book made me feel as if I were on acid or something. It's a wee bit trippy, but not necessarily bad. This beautifully illustrated graphic novel follows Joet Moonhead as he attempts to rise above his not so awesome life. As can be imagined, the kids at school pick on him because HE HAS A MOON FOR A HEAD! He lusts after one of the popular girls, Melissa, but the only person who treats him normal is his friend Sockets. Joey decides that in order to be noticed (in a good way) by the people who matter he must form a band and play in the talent show.  Joey can't just play any old music instrument, he has to make something really cool. With the help of his friend Ghostboy they make this crazy instrument and blow the socks off the whole school. Suddenly Joey Moonhead is too cool for Sockets. Is he letting popularity get to his already too large head?

This book is utterly ridiculous. Thank goodness for the awesome illustrations. That's really what kept me going. The bright psychedelic colors are amazeballs. The storyline is your not so typical coming of age story. Due to the illustrations of some of Joey's lustier thoughts I wouldn't recommend this to young teens. That is unless you want to listen to parents chew you out about why there are colorful animals humping like crazy and phallic symbols (among others) galore. Interesting read....

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