Monday, May 19, 2014

The Bees

An intriguing look into the life of a bee and her hive. I never would have imagined that someone could write an entire book from the perspective of a bee, but boy was I wrong! Laline Paul beautifully writes the story of Flora 717, a lowly sanitation worker whose peculiar observations and actions set her apart from the other bees. Flora 717 longs to do more than clean the hive, she wants to be near her Queen mother, be able to fly and forage for food, lay eggs, and see the world. Her aspirations set her apart and in no time she is jumping from job to job in the hive. This book really illustrates the industrious lives of all the bees who live in hives. From the sanitation workers to the drones, foragers, and priestesses, no stone is left un-turned in this highly imaginative and highly researched novel. You will learn more about bees then you ever knew existed and will hold them in higher regard for this fascinating read is most eye opening.

A must read for gardeners, insect lovers, and.... really anyone. It's fascinating!

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