Thursday, May 22, 2014

Me Before You

A very thought provoking and touching story. A little too much so since someone (cough cough Andrea!) didn't warn me that I would need a box of tissues nearby!

When twenty six year old Louisa Clark loses her job at the cafe she finds herself at the crossroads. She has no real job skills, no ambitions, or career aspirations, but she must find a job asap to help support her family. After briefly working in a chicken factory, fast food, and telemarketing, she finds herself in a giant manor as a caregiver to a thirty-five year old quadriplegic. She isn't in charge of wiping his bum (to her relief) but rather to keep an eye on him and try to keep him happy. Her ward, Will, hadn't always been a quadriplegic, he had been an active traveler and adventurer until he was tragically hit by a bike. He can't bear a life confined to a wheelchair so he lashes out on anyone that tries to help or sympathize. That is however, until he meets Louisa. This is no conventional love story, but the relationship that grows between the two makes the book impossible to put down.

Have wine and tissues ready!

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