Friday, July 16, 2021

An Amish Surprise

The second book in the Berlin Bookmobile series is just as charming as the first. The only constant that carries over from book one is the librarian, Sarah Anne Miller. She starts to fall for one of her library patrons and agrees to go on a date with him - she hasn't been on the dating scene since before she was married and she's very nervous. Some of her library patrons are also having some difficulties. Miriam and Calvin have tried for years to have a baby and it's taking a toll on their young marriage. When Calvin strikes up a friendship with a ten year old foster kid he starts dreaming of growing their family through adoption, but he knows that his wife isn't on the same page. What will it take to make her see the situation differently?  And what about poor Miles, he's been a foster kid for so many years - will he ever have anything to look forward to? Charming and predictable. Nice clean fluff. 

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