Tuesday, July 20, 2021

The Soulmate Equation

Quick and adorable - no one writes romantic fluff like Christina Lauren. When two polar opposites are matched together using DNA technology they can't believe it. Is the science wrong? Unfortunately for them it's not, GeneticAlly gave them the highest recorded score EVER - a 98! In the history of the company they've only gotten three other matches over 90 - and to think that the founder and lead scientist of the company is one the matches. What are the odds? River is willing to go on a few dates to experience first hand if the science is true, but single mom, Jess, is less sure. The company offers to give her a stipend each month to go on dates with River and give a relationship a shot - but she's not even sure if she even wants a relationship. Jess has her kid to think about, but really she's just a chicken. Will the science prove true - are they a match? Or is this all just a publicity stunt. Charming, steamy, and funny. A great romcom!

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