Wednesday, July 14, 2021

A Minute to Think

It may sound revolutionary - but the more you work and fill up all your free time with activities, planning, and to do items - the LESS efficient you are at work and at home. We've become so programmed to hit the ground running the moment we wake up that we stop taking time for ourselves. The burnout and overwork is palpable. We make ourselves available by email all day, we feel guilty whenever we see blank space on the calendar so we fill it, we don't like to say no so we inconvenience ourselves - the list is endless. Juliet Funt examines how introducing little white spaces on our work and social calendars can actually make us do our best work and make us feel better. Doing nothing, even if just for 2 or 5 minutes can help us re-orient ourselves and grab a breather. It can help our brains take a break before we switch to the next task. It doesn't need to be hours long, but we need small pauses throughout our day. Broken into three parts this leadership/self-help book covers the culture of insatiability, the white space way, and applying the principles. At the end of every chapter there is a brief bullet proof summary that is great for when you want to go back and look at a bite size chunk at the ideas in the book. Easy to read and understand - change doesn't have to start with management - it can start with you. I can't wait to start small and start adopting ideas from this book into my private and work life. A must read in a crazy busy digital age.  

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