Thursday, July 15, 2021

Summer Spirit

Great illustrations - I just didn't care for this coming of age story. Four cousins stay with their grandma every summer at the beach. This summer however, Louise realizes that her older sister and two cousins are really growing up without her. She's the youngest of the group and everyone seemed to have matured and grown into moody teenagers but her. She's essentially on her own as the older three go about flirting with boys and sneaking out. Her grandma is nice and sweet but she keeps forgetting things - did she already feed the dog? - why is she punishing the older three girls (spoiler she caught them sneaking out)? - did she change the calendar yet? Between her grandmother's forgetfulness, and disdain from the older three girls, Louise feels alone - that is until she meets the ghost of her grandma's dead sister. Suddenly the summer just got a lot more exciting. Just very meh to me. 

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