Monday, July 12, 2021

On the Way to the Wedding

Honestly one of my least favorite in the series. I didn't love the premise and also... it's so hard to imagine a love story with the younger siblings. They are still little kids to me! Anyways - the last installment of the series focuses on Gregory - the last unmarried of the eight Bridgerton kids. He is in no rush to be married or choose a profession but unexpectedly he falls madly in love with the back of a woman's neck at a ball. It was as if he was struck by a thunderbolt - Hermoine is the most beautiful and dazzling person he's ever met. He's POSITIVE that she is the one. Hermoine is not remotely interested in Gregory any of the other boys that fawn all over her - she is in love with another - and her best friend, Lady Lucinda has to step in and warn him off. Instead of deterring him it makes him only more determined to win Hermoine's heart. Why can't he see what's right in front of her? Some twists and turns at the end. Just a so so installment. Now I'm on to the prequels!

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