Monday, November 2, 2020

Nothing Short of Wondrous

I really like the concept of this series - inspirational historical romance set in different spots of American Wonder. The first book in the series took place at the Grand Canyon and this installment featured Yellowstone. Both have completely unrelated characters so there is no harm in reading this series out of order since there is no continuity. The US Calvary has just been tasked with patrolling Yellowstone and keeping not only the visitors, but the park safe as well. Widowed Kate Tremaine and her young son own and operate one of the few hotels allowed on the park. She's anxious that her lease be extended because this is the only home her son has ever known, plus she loves the geysers that her hotel looks out upon. Congress, Lieutenant William Prescott has been tasked to look over the part of the park that Kate's hotel is on and they strike an uneasy truce. Kate will show him the ins and out  of the land acting as their guide - in return Prescott and his men will help her with some manual labor around the hotel. The unlikely pair start falling for each other - and danger in the park draws them even closer together. Clean, wholesome, and fluffy. Great historical romance with a beautiful scenic background. 

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