Sunday, November 15, 2020

Crazy Stupid Bromance

This series is the most enjoyable and over the top fluff. The perfect antidote for 2020! Each installment of this series focuses on a different member of the bromance book club and focuses on their romantic foibles. Crazy Stupid Bromance centers around Noah and his feelings for his best friend Alexis. Since he helped expose her previous boss for sexual harassment with his IT skills and hacking they've been inseparable. But it's clear that they both want more than friendship and neither is willing to admit it. Noah joins the bromance book club against his better wishes because he's willing to do whatever it takes to never lose Alexis. To complicate things though - Alexis finds out that she has a sister. She grew up with only her mother and never knew her father. Butt now a long lost sister wants to see if she's willing to donate a liver to save their father - a man she's never met. Where has he been her whole life? She's got a lot on her plate so good thing she has Noah to lean on. Will a new relationship strain their friendship though? As always lots of fun, witty banter, and light reading. 

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