Sunday, November 15, 2020

Incandescent Visions

Lyrical and poignant - this collection of poetry from Lee Hudspeth is thought provoking and moving. The poems explore creativity - its birth, its expressions, its manifestations - and in the process readers find themselves going on a unique journey. Broken into five chapters - each one varies in themes of creativity but all are wondrous to the ear and to the mind. Poems vary in length - but chapter five is dedicated to haiku's - my personal favorite expressions of poetry and a nice treat that I was not anticipating. The poem that resonated most deeply to me in this collection was aptly titled, "Cornerstones" which I took delight in re-reading several times. I also enjoyed that the author included an afterword and explained the origins and background to some of the poems. It really helped flesh them out and allows readers to appreciate them even more. A fantastic collection that poetry fans will devour with gusto. I look forward to reading more by this inspired poet!! 

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