Thursday, November 5, 2020

The Soul of a Team

Not what I had initially anticipated at all - yet still highly satisfying and thought provoking. Former Indianapolis Coach, Tony Dungy, lays out four leadership principals that can transform a group, workplace, or team, and illustrates how effective they can be through engaging storytelling. He tells the story of the Vipers football team and the year it took to get them from inhouse fighting, selfishness, and separation to unity, respect, and goodwill. It wasn't easy and there were a lot of roadblocks on the way - but when they made an effort to apply the SOUL principals that their mentor Tony Dungy provided them, things slowly started to change. I though football was a great way to tell the story because it's easy to see how the organization fares through wins and losses - but obviously this book is meant for any place of business or organization. At the conclusion of the fable there is a detailed breakdown of each of the SOUL principals, followed by thought provoking questions to get you thinking and on the right track. There are some religious elements thrown in the end (bible references, etc) but those don't necessarily have to be a hinderance. The message of the book is good with or without Tony Dungy's faith at the end. An illustrative guide to creating and cultivating a winning organization. 

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